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Christian Anti-Porn Activists Now Targeting Female "Porn Addicts"

Religious anti-porn groups claim to cure women suffering from "porn addiction."

It’s no secret that many women enjoy porn just a much as men. Researchers have shown that women experience similar genital stimulation as men while watching porn—with less regard to what sexual orientation is being depicted. And according to Theresa Flynt, vice president of marketing for Hustler video,female consumers make up 56% of video sales. 

Now women have fallen under fire for their naughty consumption, as Anti-porn activists such as XXXChurchand Dirty Girls Ministries have targeted women for porn addiction. 

The group Dirty Girls Ministries calls itself “a Christian anti-pornography ministry created to help women struggling with pornography addiction.” During their graduation ceremonies, their members are asked to write on a balloon all the horrible things they’ve given up—things like “Masturbation,” “Lustful Thinking,” and “Self-gratification.” 

The church does attempt to advocate some version of sex positivity. Masturbation and arousal may not be part of healthy sex according to Dirty Girls Ministries, but administrator Crystal Renaud states, “It’s an injustice that the church is not more open about physical sexuality. God created sex. But the enemy has twisted it.” 

The enemy might have twisted the mainstream definitions of porn addiction, too, if we take any advice from Good Morning America, which aired a segment detailing the life of a self-proclaimed porn addict who watched an astonishing 1 hour a week. If that’s what flies for porn addiction these days, it looks like most of us need some rehab.