10 Visionary Ideas for Progressives

AlterNet's Vision coverage offers creative, innovative ways of rethinking and tackling our society's most pressing problems. Here are 10 of our recent best stories.

It's been a tough time for progressives. Health care passed, but it came at the cost of the public option and women's reproductive rights. Don't Ask Don't Tell remains in place -- as does Guantanamo -- and the White House continues to shy away from progressive ideas for fear of Tea Party-type retaliation. No wonder a story asking whether Americans are a broken people resonated so deeply with so many AlterNet readers.

Indeed, a lot of the stories we publish on AlterNet tell you about the often dismal state of affairs in the country (and world), but a couple weeks ago -- as the result of feedback from many of you -- we made a commitment to our readers to offer constructive, solution-driven pieces to balance out the muckraking and critical writing you deserve.

We've always published these kinds of stories, but with the launch of the Vision section we are committed to publishing at least one article a day that will provide progressives with creative, innovative ways of rethinking and tackling our society's most pressing problems. The solutions and ideas in these stories range from changes suggested on the societal level to those you can implement in your daily life -- right now.

Here are 10 of the best stories (in no particular order) that we've run in Vision since we launched. We hope the ideas contained therein and the debate and discussion that may result from them will provide progressives with the creative thinking and, yes, vision to press on and fight back.


Daniela Perdomo is a staff writer and Vision editor at AlterNet. Follow Daniela on Twitter. Write her at danielaalternet [at] gmail [dot] com.
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