David Gregory Says Meet the Press Makes no Mistakes, but He's Mistaken

Can Gregory get anything right?

David Gregory, to President Bush, April 13, 2004:  "One of the biggest criticisms of you is that ... you never admit a mistake. Is that a fair criticism?"

David Gregory, asked what mistakes he has made during his first year as host of Meet the Press: "I don't think we've made mistakes."

Here's a few mistakes Gregory might want to reflect upon for the next time he gets that question:

David Gregory's "coordination" hypocrisy

Meet the Process

Gregory lets McConnell mischaracterize CBO analysis of health bill's effect on uninsured

Surprise (for MTP viewers)! Gingrich supports subsidies to his organization's member companies

If newsmaker Rick Warren is your guest, shouldn't you ask him relevant questions?

Gregory allowed 61-detainee falsehood to stand unrebutted on Meet the Press

NBC's David Gregory falsely claimed Social Security will "pay out more than it's taking in by 2010"

Gregory falsely equated Obama remark with McCain's "fundamentals of our economy are strong" comment

NBC's Gregory repeatedly asked GM CEO about cutting union benefits and jobs, but not about making fuel-efficient cars

David Gregory falsely claims that Obama "said he wanted, on one level," a "real activist"

NBC's Gregory purported to provide "wider context" for Sotomayor's quote but didn't provide enough

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