McCain Insists 'Everyone Knows the Facts,' Then Gets the Facts Totally Wrong

But apparently it's impolite to correct the old man.

This video,via TPM, is interesting. McCain, discussing the Underwear Bomber, says repeatedly that everyone knows the facts of the case. He then proceeds to repeat discredited right-wing talking-points that are anything but factual.

What's noteworthy about the exchange is that when National Counterterrorism Center Director Michael Leiter attempts to correct the Senator, McCain gets angry and Leiter quickly apologizes.

Here's TPM's rough transcript of the exchange -- video to your right.

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MCCAIN: I think everybody knows the facts of the Christmas bomber . a person buys a ticket with cash -- one way ticket -- his father has already warned the CIA. a series of missteps have taken place lead to this near-tragedy. ...

It's fairly clear the facts of what happened, isn't it ?

LEITER: Well, actually, I think many of the facts are clear. I would correct the record on a couple of points. In fact, the fact is not that he bought a one-way ticket, he bought a round-trip ticket. The fact that he used cash frankly is in Africa completely and utterly

MCCAIN (interrupting Leiter): That was in Copenhagen, not Africa

LEITER: Ah, no sir. I believe he bought the

MCCAIN: If you think -- if you're defending that we shouldn't have been alerted to this individual, sir, then ...

LEITER: Senator, I apologize.

Umar Abdulmutallab purchased a round-trip ticket in Ghana.