If Karma Really Is a Bitch then GOP Rep Steve King's in Deep Trouble

Members of Congress say the wingnuttiest things!

Reading this started me wondering at just what level of Hell Iowa Rep. Steve King will burn when eventually he shuffles off this mortal coil.

Then I went in a more Hindu-ish direction and asked myself in what form he'd likely return if he were reincarnated. He's certainly got a karma problem, and it's unlikely that he's earned another run as a human being -- he appears to be headed for a life as some sort of dung beetle in his next iteration.

But let's say over the next few lives he were to work his way back up to personhood. I'm thinking he'd come back as a child in the worst possible circumstances you can imagine -- malnourished, in a desperately poor country, perhaps one that had recently experienced a cataclysmic natural disaster. Maybe in some region where one of his big campaign donors had dumped a bunch of toxic sludge. Or maybe someplace being shocked and awed by U.S. warplanes. And if he didn't die as collateral damage, from some wretched case of malaria or having become fatally dehydrated after a horrid bout of diarrhea, maybe he'd grow old enough to serve as a child soldier.

The main thing would be this: however bad his plight, there would have to be someone just like Steve King urging us to not really care.

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