Another Christian Right Madman Suggests Haiti Earthquake May Be God's Wrath

Reverend's article for Fox News argues "practice of witchcraft" may be God's reason for "punishing" Haiti.

Yet another great religious thinker has joined Pat Robertson in pondering the most important question about the tragedy in Haiti: whether or not the 7.0 earthquake that has killed thousands and devastated the country's infrastructure was the act of a vengeful God.

"Each time there is mass devastation due to acts of nature in areas of the world there is discussion as to whether or not these are acts of God’s judgment." writes Rev. Bill Shuler, pastor of Capital Life Church, on What makes God mad enough to level an entire nation? Whoring and boobs and drinking and witchcraft, of course. Continues Shuler:

When Katrina was flooded some people pointed to the decadent offerings of Mardi Gras and the French Quarters of New Orleans. When the tsunami hit southeast Asia people noted the severe persecution of people of faith in these nations. Haiti has been described, by some, as a place where the practice of witchcraft is prevalent.

But wait! The Reverend is not 100% sure that this Tuesday, God decided to finally stick to Haiti. In fact, "That God would exclusively want to exact a toll on Haiti or any other people group is inconclusive." So, maybe, maybe not. What makes Shuler keep such an open mind?

Because ... bad things happen to white people too. Duh. "To hold to such a conviction is to maintain that a tornado that wipes out a church in Oklahoma is also God’s judgment."


Tana Ganeva is an AlterNet editor. Follow her on Twitter.
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