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Robot Sex? DNA Matchmaking? 6 Odd Sex Trends We May See Sooner Than Expected

As we move into a new decade, here are a few of the sex and dating trends I predict we'll see.

As we move into a new decade, a few of the sex and dating trends I predict we’ll see.

1. Green sex

The greening of sex went mainstream in 2009 with LifeStyles SKYN Condom, a non-latex condom made from polyisoprene, an ancient material that apparently the Aztec harvested from the sap of the hevea tree to make waterproof boots. Toronto-based sisters Kim and Amy Sedgwick will continue this trend thanks to the support of Liberal MP and physician Carolyn Bennett in a campaign to have BPA and phthalates (two known endocrine disruptors) banned from sex toys.

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2. More sex drugs

Thanks to the huge popularity of erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, the race is on to develop drugs to treat other sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and “female sexual dysfunction.” Eventually they’ll come up with a drug that will simply simulate sex entirely, taking the performance pressure off everyone.

3. Celebrity sex channels

Thanks to our continuing fascination with the sex lives of our politicians, sports figures and celebrities, we’ll no longer be satisfied with the occasional scandal or “leaked” sex tape. Entire specialty channels will be devoted to airing the sex lives of the rich and famous.