Breaking: Liberals Aren't Broken Up Over Rush Limbaugh's Health Woes

Politico is on the case.

Because it is vitally important news, the Politico publishes an articleon who wrote nice polite things on Twitter about Rush Limbaugh being in the hospital, and who said things that were naughty.

This is of course eye-gougingly stupid, but it does show further evidence for two theses of which we hadn't really needed to see very much more evidence, namely, that "journalists" of the Politico class would much rather babble inane horseshit about what happens on Twitter than actually practice journalism; and that to wingnuts, "civility" serves solely as a club with which to smack "liberals." Please go find the wingnut post about Limbaugh going to the hospital that just says "hope he gets better" and omits the "liberals of course will be jerks about this" nonsense. It's pretty clear which of the two sentiments gets them most excited, too. To wit, Politico quoting noted squirrely little git Patrick Ruffini:

"Someone should build a Twitter list of all those who have expressed hatred for Limbaugh tonight so their presence can be known," wrote Republican strategist Patrick Ruffini.

Dumbest. Jihad. Ever. Anyway, shorter Wingnuttia, "Hooray Rush Limbaugh is in the hospital, now we can attack liberals for not being nice to Rush Limbaugh." Whatever this is, it isn't, strictly speaking, "civility." It's point scoring, bless their tiny charred hearts, the shits.

Thers runs Whiskey Fire.
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