Shameless Puppy Blogging: New Year's Bacon Edition

Whatever you have planned, I hope it's a blast.

My last dog, Red, was a homeless cur whom we rescued from the side of the Northbound lanes of the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles.

He was a great dog after he got some home-cooking and TLC -- perhaps the greatest ever -- but his years on the streets taught him fear.

He was terrified of all sorts of things -- water, for example. But at the top of the pyramid of holy terrors were fireworks, thunder, gunshots and back-firing trucks.

For the 6 years I was lucky enough to have him, my New Year's Eves (and 4th of Julys) were pretty consistent: I'd get a little drunk and hang out with him under my desk while he cowered and cried. He was inconsolable, and I wasn't able to do much for him, but I couldn't bring myself to leave him to deal with the nightmares all alone.

Sadly, Red died last spring. And I must have had fun last New Year's Eve -- my first one out and about in years -- because I have no recollection whatsoever of what I did that night.

Now, another year has passed, and there's a new creature in my world.

Here's my (current) favorite picture of little Miss Daisy (if not for the leash, wouldn't it look like her head was mounted on my wall?):

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