Wingnuts Gin Up "Max Baucus Is Drunk" Rumors, Politico Parrots Them Mindlessly

Ever eager to give platform to baseless right-wing rumors, Politico is again...well, you know.

The wingnuts are ginning up a story about Max Baucus being drunk on the senate floor. And like the good little GOP boosting schlock meisters they are, the Politico is breathlessly reporting on "the controversy."

Boehlert writes

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only did Politico quote guiding lights such as Newsbusters and The Drudge Report, but Politico actually quoted a Facebook page comment posted by disgraced, page-chasing GOP Congressman Mark Foley, in which he attacked the ethics of another.

What more do you need to know about Politico these days? UPDATED: Of course Politico makes zero effort to relay to readers if the right-wing attack on Baucus carries any weight. If it's, y'know, true. That's not Politico's job. Politico's job is simply to alert the rest of the world to whatever, or whoever, is "under fire" from conservatives.

Yes, Mark Foley's Facebook scribblings are used in the article as an illustration of prim outrage at Baucus' personal life. I know.

And I have no idea if he was drunk, but the fact is that Baucus always slurs his words and speaks in a meandering fashion. It's just how he talks. As anyone who has ever heard Susan Collins knows, there's no requirement that Senators be good speakers.

Digby is the proprietor of Hullabaloo.
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