X-Mas Terror Elicits the Expected Response from Greater Wingnuttia


The incident on the Amsterdam-Detroit flight yesterday has, inevitably, elicited a torrent of nonsense from the usual suspects, all of whom apparently rushed to their computers before the Christmas roast had even been carved to share their almost entirely predictable, if completely ludicrous, takeaways on the subject.

Jim Don Bob Surber says it all in the title of his post “Flight 253 terrorist shows moving Gitmo to Illinois is a bad idea.” It also shows that the college bowl system is a bad idea. I mean, seriously, what the fuck? This would only make sense if the Supermax facility in question has a travel agency and could book flights for the terrorists inside, help them escape and then hand them bomb-making manuals as going-away gifts. This is yet another post by Jim Don Bob that definitively proves that second-hand meth smoke kills brain cells.

And what failed terrorist attack would be complete without our friends at NewsBlusters weighing in? In this case, Mark Finkelstein is all wound up because the New York Times didn’t say that the pseudo-bomber was a Muslim and instead simply called him a “Nigerian man.” One of the things that makes the pseudo-critics at NewsBlusters so amusing is their insistence that newspapers should just ditch the silly notion that they should print facts instead of assumptions. Well, not ourselves being a paper of record, we can oblige with dispensing with this silly notion about not publishing naked assumptions as facts and note that Finkelstein spent yesterday trying to figure out how to fellate a dead goat.

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