Crazy Idiot Sets Off Firecrackers on an Airplane ... You Know What this Means, Right?

Thanks, Jerk

A crazy idiot appears to have set off firecrackers on an airplane. Do you know what this EVEN MEANS?

1. It means Greater Wingnuttia is going to get the very special happy Christmas they most desire, because what they like best of all is to wet their pants in an ecstasy of hysterical screeching;

2. It means now every time we get on a plane we're going to have to get to the airport six hours early, then strip to our skivvies, stand on one foot, hold our nose, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance backwards before we can get to the gate to find out exactly how long the flight is delayed. Also, we won't be allowed on board while in the possession of any bodily fluids.

This Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab geek, what a dick.

Also he was apparently an engineering student. What the fuck is it with engineers and silly ideological extremism? You also see lots of climate denialist engineers infesting blog comment threads. Weird.

Thers runs Whiskey Fire.
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