Hey Progressives, the Health Care Fight Is Still On: Time to Push Back

We're in the midst of a defining moment in the health care debate. Now's not the time to let up pressure.

Like so many progressives who have fought for a public option plan which privileges the all-American principles of choice and competition, I am both heartbroken and outraged as Joe Lieberman--Senator Aetna himself--dominates negotiations on the final Senate bill.

The healthcare situation is a desperate one, with 46 million people uninsured, and those who are insured at the mercy of profit-maximizing Big Insurance. The raw politics of our time--including a GOP hell-bent on crippling and bringing down Obama's presidency and corporate Democrats who do the bidding of lobbyists--makes getting a good healthcare bill all the more difficult. Ours is not a parliamentary democracy. There are limits to what the majority can achieve.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel is the publisher of The Nation
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