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Sexy Mormons, the Joy of Vibrators and Sticking it to Puritans: 10 of Liz Langley's Best Pieces

Sex and relationships writer Liz Langley wrote some of the sexiest -- and smartest -- stories about the politics and culture of sex this year.

From the history of sex toys, to the joys of nudism; from Mormon sex pots, to the 9 best retorts to pushy questions about not having kids, sex and relationships writer Liz Langley writes smart commentary about the political and social ramifications of sexuality. Langley  also writes on a variety of other topics, including Americans' forced optimism and an eco-friendly way to keep ourselves clean. Langley's writing has been among the most popular content on AlterNet. Check out Liz Langley's blog here, and her 10 most popular stories of 2009 below.

1. Hot, Steamy Mormons: Are the Latter Day Saints Getting Sexy?

Calendars and videos featuring scantily clad Mormons are helping redefine images of the Latter Day Saints -- but not everyone in the Church is happy.

2. 9 Silly Things People Say When They Hear You Don't Want Kids (And Ways to Counter Them) 

Wanting kids isn't just the social norm, it's said to be a biological imperative, the only supposed "duh" of evolution. But yet, some of us choose not to -- and for good reason.

3. The Green, Clean Art of Keeping Our "Rear Ends" Hygienic: What Are We Afraid Of? 

We use enough deodorizers to ensure that we don't smell remotely organic, and yet we can't even keep our own heinies clean? What's a first-world country to do?

4. The Joy of Sex Toys: How Vibrators Stopped Being 'Shameful' Secrets

Once considered shameful, the vibrator has become a common part of most people's sex lives. Turns out we like sexual pleasure.

5. Nudism: Stick It to Your Puritan Forebears By Stripping Down

Nudism might be a marginalized lifestyle today, but eons ago it was all the rage. And no wonder: public nudity is natural, healthy and fun.

6. Sex Is Natural. So Why Are So Many People So Bad at It?

The truth is, everyone can use some adult sex education.

7. Why Using Sex Toys, Watching Porn, and Going Green Is an Easy Fit 

From pedal-powered sex toy delivery services to recycling vibrators, the adult industry has actually made going green sexy.

8. Hey Natalie Dylan, Here's Some Advice for Selling Your Virginity 

First off, let's make sure some religious group doesn't buy it and decide to keep it intact forever.

9. Is America's Love Affair with Stupidity Finally Over?

Americans' embrace of the Obamas and other intelligent public figures may be part of a much-needed cultural shift.

10. The Mind-Boggling Variety of Sexual Experience 

The Best Sex Writing 2009 covers everything from virginity pledges to orgasming after a spinal chord injury.

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