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Rich Guy Michael Wolff Bravely Fights Tyranny of Waiters, Flight Attendants

If only America were a Dickensian nightmare instead of a paradise for poor people working in the service industry.....

Do you ever wish America were ruled by the wealthy, instead of poor people working in the service industry? In Newswer today, Michael Wolff bemoans the vile oppression suffered by the upper-middle class at the hands these service-industry "tyrants". 

Mockery seems gratuitous. Also, blinding rage is making it hard to be jokey. So, just see for yourself:

Among the worst things you can do in upper-middle-class, politically-correct, don’t-call-attention-to-yourself culture is insult a service person. This is counter-intuitive because one of the things that is most often done in upper-middle-class culture is complain about service.


... while we all have experienced the tyranny of the public interface of the service economy, we continue to accept a standard of ritual and propriety which, even as we curse them privately, sees service people as an oppressed minority who shouldn’t have to be confronted with their tyrannical impulses and personal incompetence.

To do so, even though everybody has been a victim of such tyranny and incompetence, is an upper-middle-class gaucherie. It remains a signpost gaucherie even though millions of upper-middle-class people have pondered with their therapists the roots of their inability to send back a rotten dinner in a restaurant. (emphasis added.)

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