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Why Health Care 'Deform' Might Help Elect a Few Real Progressives

There is overwhelming disappointment at Obama's attempts for bipartisan health reform. But the good news is there's a glimmer of hope for the election of true progressives in 2010.

I don't call health care reform by that name anymore -- it's entered the unequivocal health care deform category, in my book.

Joe Lieberman is holding real reform hostage, and Harry Reid is weighing only two terrible options: 1) passing a bill devoid of a public option and Medicare expansion, which is the only way he'll secure Lieberman's vote; or 2) instituting an untriggerable trigger, in order to appease Olympia Snowe. Worst of all is Reid framing this as his being backed into a corner -- as if two of the worst options possible are the only ones to choose from.

Forgive the bah-humbug start to this post, but, as they say, this is not "change we can believe in," and I'm getting tired of using Obama's campaign slogan to voice my frustrations about the Democratic leadership's doublespeak.

And new polling shows that I'm not the only one feeling incredibly let-down by the state of the health care nondebate in Washington. This is not surprising to you and me, sure, but given the blind mess in Congress, it appears the polling I'm about to share with you will come as a surprise to Obama, Emanuel, Reid, & Partners.

Daniela Perdomo is a contributing writer & editor at AlterNet. Follow her on Twitter.
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