Michelle Obama to Receive Christmas Gift, Wingnut Incensed

The nerve of that lady, expecting a hand-out every damn year!

Roy Edroso reached deep into the primordial muck this week, and pulled out a bright, glittering gem of wingnuttery.

First, the wind-up, with a hint from the Obamas upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey: 

During the joint interview with the Obamas — the first since they sat down together for The New York Times to discuss their marriage — Winfrey asks them about their gift giving. The couple riff for their pal:

OW: Is there a greater pressure to give a good gift when you’re the president or can you get away with a lesser gift if you’re the president?

First Lady:What are you gonna get me? You should feel pressure.

Innocuous enough banter. But not innocuous to a blogger known as "the narcissist" ...

Wow. Just…wow. The first two sentences uttered by the Klingon Princess sum up with elegant simplicity the mind of the Obama voter.

What are you gonna get me?” I’m reminded of the various video and audio clips of delerious Obamabots exclaiming how they were looking forward to having their mortgages paid and their gas tanks filled; of jubilant paupers whose squalid lives would be changed by free money from “Obama’s stash.”

You should feel pressure.” Nothin’ says lovin’ like a veiled threat from wifey, huh? Those four words words speak volumes about the psyche of the Klingon Princess and the nature of her relationship with the man who would be the first American dictator.

Remember Bush Derangement Syndrome? The supposedly pathological desire to hold Bush accountable for the disastrous series of failures -- and crimes -- that marked his term in the White House?

But, wait, this guy's just getting ramped up ...

For the longest time I have entertained an entirely unscientific theory that the dominant member in a marital union somehow determines the sex of the children.

You don't say.

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