Group Behind Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill Expanding Effort in North America

Effort Tied To Rick Warren's Doctoral Advisor Organizing in Uganda's Parliament
The Ugandan branch of a US-based evangelical group called "College of Prayer" played, as a new talk To Action report details, a major and little noticed role organizing and inspiring legislators behind the pending Anti Homosexuality Bill due to come before Uganda's parliament early in 2010. Homosexuality is already legally a crime in Uganda that can lead to lifetime prison sentences, but the new bill would mandate the death penalty for homosexual acts and critics have called it "genocidal" and charged that the bill could require the execution of HIV positive Ugandan citizens. As the College of Prayer website describes, the group is now organizing in Canada's parliament.

College of Prayer members in Uganda's parliament have spearheaded the push for the new anti-gay bill and, as a story posted on the main College of Prayer website quotes College of Prayer Canada head Rev. David Chotka,

"I have three-twelve members of the Canadian Parliament who have heard about what God is doing in Uganda and would like to attend the Parliamentary COP in Uganda next year. They are interested in bringing the College of Prayer to the Canadian Parliament."

The article concludes, "It seems that God continues to expand our spheres of influence. The extraordinary favor of God is resting upon us. All glory to His name!

As the Talk To Action report, Rick Warren's Dissertation Advisor Leads Network Promoting Uganda Anti-Gay Bill details, the president of Uganda's College of Prayer, Julius Oyet, has extensive ties to networks associated with C. Peter Wagner's New Apostolic Reformation. Peter Wagner is perhaps the world's leading expert on church growth, and he is an unabashed Christian supremacist. Wagner was also advisor for Rick Warren's 1993 dissertation... on church growth. The report traces ties and parallels between Rick Warren's and Peter Wagner's ideologies and global networks.

Peter Wagner's New Apostolic Reformation is coalescing out of a global religious tendency known as the Third Wave which was estimated in 2000 to encompass 295 million Christians worldwide. For over a decade Wagner and his close working associate Ted Haggard, former National Association of Evangelicals, exported distinctive Third Wave and New Apostolic ideas, concerning expelling demon spirits, hunting witches and raising the dead, from Haggard's Colorado Springs church to Africa and the developing world.

Through association with Thomas Muthee and Alaska evangelist Mary Glazier both Sarah Palin and her most significant Alaska church, the Wasilla Assembly of God, are closely tied totop leaders in Peter Wagner's New Apostolic Reformation and its distinctive prayer warfare networks.
Bruce Wilson writes for Talk To Action, a blog specializing in faith and politics.
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