A Friend of Mine Once Knew a Guy Who Was a Welfare Queen

True story.

As a good conservative, I understand that programs like food-stamps, which purportedly help the poor, aren’t really about providing nutrition to 1 in 4 American children. Being Americans, these kids obviously don’t lack for nutrition in the first place.

The bleeding-hearts might buy all that mushy stuff about “poor” people “suffering” at the bottom of the economic ladder, but as anyone who's read this influential comic book knows, it’s ultimately about dependency. Hungry children, if such creatures existed in the U.S., would have no incentive to go out and find a job -- to develop themselves and their vocational-skills, as long as the nanny-state just keeps filling up their stomachs for free.

This is basic economics, people.

I know I will be charged with callousness by the PC-crowd for saying as much. And perhaps the accusation would have some merit if a very large share of those receiving food-stamps actually increased their nutritional intake.  

But as anyone who hasn’t been indoctrinated into the liberal media’s poverty narrative knows quite well, if you give a poor person a dollar to buy food, they’re just going to use it to buy fancy sneakers or those gold teeth the inner-city types like to sport.

And because we know this is not only true for a small number of food-stamp recipients, but is in fact very, very common — perhaps bordering on universal — it’s more than enough reason to oppose the program altogether. Heartlessness doesn’t even enter into the equation.

Obviously, whenever one makes a commonsense observation like this, those pointy-headed ivory-tower-liberals start blathering about “evidence.”

But that there is in abundance!