NY Senate Votes Down Same-Sex Marriage, Anti-Gay Group Declares Victory For God (And Asks For Money)

The National Organization for Marriage wasted no time in turning its big homophobic win into a fundraising appeal.

No sooner did the New York State Senate vote down same-sex marriage (against promising odds) than the self-appointed morality police declared it a victory for God, one that "will reverberate up and down America, putting the fear of God -- and the American voter -- into the hearts of weak-kneed and weak-willed politicians everywhere."

Those are the triumphant words, anyway, of the National Organization for Marriage, the non-profit organization that, among other projects, created the much parodied "Gathering Storm" TV ad whose self-consciously multicultural cast warned of the looming menace of terrifying! freedom-robbing! same-sex marriage, with all the maturity and lyrical depth of a middle school poetry contest. ("There's a storm gathering / the clouds are dark / the winds are strong / and I am afraid.")

Yes, the NOM has a way with words. In a message to its supporters -- "Dear Friend of Marriage" -- Executive Director Brian S. Brown could barely contain his glee that gay New Yorkers will continue to be denied the right to marry the people they love. "The New York state senate just rejected gay marriage 38 to 24," he cried. "Praise God!"

And thank you. NOM spent $600,000 reaching out to voters through phone calls and television and radio ads to make sure politicians heard from ordinary voters like you.
Gay marriage inevitable? Don’t believe the lie! You can make a difference and we at NOM are so proud to work with you and millions of other ordinary Americans who know in their hearts that marriage IS the union of husband and wife.

Brown continued his letter as any good victory speech would, by thanking the various individuals who made it all possible, reserving special mention for Bronx Republican Ruben Diaz "who was in his office praying before the vote and has been a true leader on this issue."

Liliana Segura is a staff writer and editor of AlterNet's Rights and Liberties and World Special Coverage.
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