Someone Is Finally Taking Our Busty Bikini-Clad Barista Crisis Seriously

Apparently someone is thinking about the children.

Like most straight dudes, I simply hate breasts on attractive young women. 

So this comes as quite a relief to me:

Laws aimed at shielding the public from X-rated behavior by employees and customers at drive-through espresso stands are scheduled for a possible vote at a Snohomish County Council hearing this week.

A licensing ordinance would brand businesses adult entertainment if baristas bare too much flesh. The county also is considering a tougher version of its criminal law on lewd conduct. The new rules would apply to all businesses, not just the ones peddling cups of Joe.

[Hat-tip to Oliver Willis, who often offers sober dispatches from the hot-chick newsbeat.]

It's interesting how our perspectives shape the way we read a story like this one. I approached it with the assumption that it was going to be about just the usual 'won't somebody please think of the children!' conservative hypocrisy about sexual morality.

But then I realized that only one of the two measures described in the story really fits that description, and I actually have no truck with the other.

This first one, expanding the definition of "lewd behavior" in the criminal code, seems superfluous (there are already laws against indecent exposure). And if it's not an abridgment of citizens' 1st Amendment rights, it at least provides a slippery-slope in that direction:

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