Considering a Faux Turkey for the Holidays? Better Read This First

A review of four "birds" -- and it's not pretty.

Thank Lou Bendrick for doing the dirty work for you. Bendrick enlisted a team of taste testers to try out four different faux turkeys. The hilarious write up was featured in Grist. The rationale behind it: "Any moral high ground gained by having a plant-based Thanksgiving may become absolutely meaningless if you screw up a happy, festive experience with a protein centerpiece that looks gross, or worse yet, has a flavor capable of sending guests, carnivorous and non, in search of a Butterball."

I've never quite recovered from my first and only Tofurky experience about 8 years ago and I even like a lot of veggie meat. Here's what the tasters (and some of them are kids, if that explains any of the comments) had to say about the Tofurky:


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Tara Lohan is a senior editor at AlterNet.