Glenn Beck Defends the Right (For Terrorists) to Bear Arms

Facing a complex question, Beck delivers a devastatingly simplistic answer, then proceeds to bash Dems for no reason.

On Fox and Friends today, Glenn Beck was accidentally forced to confront a pretty devastating quandary -- one that plagues so many of his fear-mongering compadres on the Right: What’s more important, protecting U.S. citizens or reinforcing their ability to supposedly protect themselves? Gretchen Carlson, referring to Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter:

CARLSON: I agree with you completely on this whole PC that's invaded our culture and invaded, apparently, our own U.S. military. But here's one question about the gun situation. Apparently, even if you are on the terrorist watch list, you can still purchase a gun. Do you think that's okay?

BECK: I am not going to give these people any more laws, any more power until they fix the problems that they have created themselves. How much more are we going to give them?

It’s smart of him to steer the conversation into Dem-bashing territory as quickly as he does. But before getting all carried away with the partisan acrobatics, let’s be perfectly clear on Beck’s position here: he would rather see the United States endure more terrorist attacks than tighten gun control regulations. Period.

So while many in Beck’s shoes might simply marvel at the complexity of the issue (infringing on gun control rights is always a prickly political endeavor; yet how can the government not act on this loophole that left 12 dead and effectively devastated the country?), Beck prefers the WWCHD approach: What Would Charlton Heston Do?

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