What's Really So Frightening About Burger King's $1 Double Cheeseburgers

There is so much wrong with a $1 burger, it's hard to know where to start.

Ever time I see a Burger King commercial advertising their $1 double cheeseburgers I'm astounded. How the heck could that be possible? There is meat on there, right? Two patties? I mean it's likely pieces of thousands of feedlot cows and it has got other fillers in there. And usually some sort of chemical to try and kill the bacteria. And then there's the cheese -- maybe something resembling a dairy product, the bun (which has at over 30 ingredients, according the BK website -- I lost count), and of course a few wilted tomatoes or lettuce or pickles maybe? Hard to remember, last time I had a fast food burger I was 11.

And that's just the ingredients -- of course there is also the labor, the packaging, and the other associated costs.

So how could it be remotely possible to do all of that -- even at massive scale -- for a buck?

Well, it turns out you can't.

According to the AP, "The National Franchise Association, a group that represents more than 80 percent of Burger King's U.S. franchise owners, said the $1 promotion forces restaurant owners to sell the quarter-pound burger with at least a 10-cent loss."

So, I was right. Um, barely.

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Tara Lohan is a senior editor at AlterNet.