Michele Bachmann Chooses Guy Fawkes Day to Rile Up Followers

Americans can be historically illiterate, but you'd think somebody would have said something to Michele about this in our time of terrorism.

The gasbags are all atwitter about Michele Bachmann's tea party protest in the congress today, clucking about the anger on the right and how they are emboldened. None of them, not the gasbags, the tea partiers or Michele Bachmann herself apparently have a clue about the significance of the date they chose. Steve Benen reminds us:

Bachmann has already referred to anti-reform activists as "insurgents" and "freedom fighters." Last night,she went a little further, encouraging conservatives to try to "scare" federal lawmakers.

In a conference call Wednesday night with bloggers and activists for the advocacy group Americans for Prosperity, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) called on protesters to "scare" members of Congress into killing the proposed health care reform bill.

If the protesters succeed in scaring lawmakers, Bachmann said that it could cripple efforts to restructure health care for a decade.

"Nothing scares members of Congress more than freedom-loving Americans," Bachmann said.

Referring to herself in third person, Bachmann added, "It is not Michele Bachmann's fault" if the activists are angry tomorrow -- "it is Speaker Pelosi's."

And when has Bachmann scheduled her Capitol Hill soiree? This afternoon -- November 5 -- a date widely known as Guy Fawkes Night. (You know, "Remember, remember, the fifth of November.") In other words, Bachmann wants to rally right-wing activists, label them an "insurgency," and encourage them to roam the halls of Congress deliberately "scaring" members of Congress, on the infamous date that marks an attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

I know that Americans are historically illiterate, but you'd think somebody in Washington would have said something to Michelle about this in our time of terrorism and heightened security.

Like Steve, I can't think of anything the Republicans need more than a bunch of "revolutionaries" running around the halls of congress on Guy Fawkes day at the behest of Michelle Bachman to usher in the resurgence of the Party. Very cunning strategy.

By the way, I heard they teabagged Lieberman's office.

Update: Here's the agenda for the speakers, in case you were wondering:

11:50 AM – Members congregate off the Crypt in the basement of the U.S. Capitol

11:58 AM – Members descend the West Steps of the U.S. Capitol to Stage Area

12:00 PM – RSC Chairman Price (GA) – Welcoming Remarks, Introduces Pastor Paul Clark

12:03 PM – Pastor Paul Clark – Delivers Prayer

12:05 PM – Rep. Aiken (MO) – Remarks, Leads the Pledge of Allegiance

12:08 PM – National Anthem

12:11 PM – Rep. Bachmann (MN) – Remarks, Introduces John Voight (Actor)

12:14 PM – John Voight (Actor) & John Ratzenberger (Actor)

12:19 PM – Conference Chairman Pence (IN)

12:21 PM – Rep. Garrett (NJ)

12:23 PM – Rep. Bachmann (MN) – Introduces Mark Levin (Radio Commentator)

12:24 PM – Mark Levin (Radio Commentator)

12:29 PM – Rep. Blackburn (TN)

12:31 PM – Rep. King (IA)

12:33 PM – Republican Leader Boehner (OH)

12:35 PM – Rep. Shaddegg (AZ)

12:37 PM – Republican Whip Cantor (VA)

12:39 PM – Tony Perkins (Family Research Council)

12:41 PM – Rep. Hoekstra (MI)

12:43 PM – Rep. Burgess (TX)

12:45 PM – Dr. Betsy McCoy (Commentator)

12:47 PM – Rep. Foxx (NC)

12:49 PM – Rep. Gohmert (TX)

12:51 PM – Rep. Scalise (LA)

12:53 PM – Rep. Broun (GA)

12:55 PM – Tim Phillips (Americans for Prosperity)

12:57 PM – Matt Kibbe (FreedomWorks)

12:59 PM – God Bless America

1:02 PM – Open to Members (:30 – 1:00 intervals)




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