Wing-Nut GOP Rep Interrupts Hearing to Berate NFL Commissioner Over Rush Limbaugh Diss

Steve King is like a crazy right-blogger serving in your legislature.

Here, folks, at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on "legal issues related to football head injuries," are your tax dollars at work (via):

Here’s an interesting confrontation from a hearing on the Hill today between Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. King said he’d “scoured” Rush Limbaugh’s infamous comment that the media was giving Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb too much credit because he was black and found no racism in it whatsoever — Limbaugh, said King, was calling out the media for reverse racism.

King, as certifiably mad as any member of Congress, of course went on to whine about the injustice of Goodell being totally mean to Rush-bo and then turning around and allowing total sluts like J-Lo and Fergie -- women who dress trashily and sing songs with dirty words -- own shares of NFL franchises! (There's video to your right. No, not of Fergie and J-Lo -- of Iowa Rep Steve King complaining!)

Anyway, I think Limbaugh-NFL-Gate has pretty much been my favorite bit of wing-nut faux-outrage this year. I mean, the overwrought screeds about the death of free expression -- "Tonight Rush became the metaphor for all of us… every man woman and child in this great nation of ours." Or the delicious but ill-fated calls for a Tea-bagger boycottof NFL football. One commenter -- no doubt a "satire troll" -- offered this suggestion on a right-wing blog:

I never thought I'd say this, but "Thank God for Canada." Not only do they have a REAL conservative ruler, but they actually have a damn good Football league.

The Montreal Alouettes could beat the Vikings or the Broncos any day of the week.

I think we conservatives should just switch our allegiences to the CFL--the Conservative Football League.

That was rich comedy! And why not, with the right screaming 'liberal fascism' in response to a bunch of NFL owners -- mostly conservative businessmen -- figuring out that rush Limbaugh wasn't good for their brand?

Which brings me to my very favorite take on the whole brouhaha ...

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