AT&T's Hilarious and Shameless Astroturfing (or Sock-Puppeting)

Now that the FCC is articulating its commitment to a free and open Internet, watch the ISPs freak out.

AT&T has a really good (and democratic) plan to undermine FCC regulations in support of net neutrality: pressuring employees to post anti-regulation talking points on an FCC website while hiding their affiliation to the cable company. Grassroots! 

In an internal company memo obtained by Free Press, AT&T Senior Executive Vice President James Cicconi writes "We encourage you, your family and friends to join the voices telling the FCC not to regulate the Internet. It can be done through a personal email accountby going to and clicking on the "Join the Discussion" link." (italics added).

That should totally work, because ordinary citizens are often inspired to make impassioned pleas about ISP regulatory policy.

The memo also helpfully provides talking points "in addition to your own thoughts," such as:

America's wireless consumers enjoy the broadest range of innovative services and devices, lowest prices, highest usage levels, and most choices in the world. Why disrupt a market that's working so well?

An oligopoly totally lacking in transparency? Really, why mess with perfection?