Is This 12-Year-Old the Next Michael Pollan?

Seriously, this kid knows his food politics.

It was extraordinarily refreshing to read a recent guest post (What the Heck is ProFood Anyway?) on one of the great food blogs, Every Kitchen Table. The author explains exactly what this new word, ProFood, is all about and why it's important we care. And better yet, this author, Orren Fox, is only 12 years old.

He says delightfully cute things like, "To be ProFood means you are FOR food. That sounds funny, but what I mean is that you think about food, you care about food and you will make an effort for good food. I am also Pro chocolate and Pro Red Sox."

While I may disagree with the Red Sox part of his assessment, he's spot on with everything else. Like calling out this country for being not being very ProFood right now:

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People don't really think about food, we expect it to taste good, be available all the time, be convenient, be safe to eat and I guess not cost too much. People don't value good food. It seems as if people are always trying to find the cheapest food, not the best food. I think people might care more about the quality of the gas they put into their car than they do about what ingredients they put into their body. I don't think most people would say they are ProFood.

If America were ProFood we wouldn't accept food with dangerous ingredients in it. Unfortunately there are chemicals in our food that aren't good for us kids.

Well said, Orren. He's also got some great tips:


Tara Lohan is a senior editor at AlterNet.