ACORN Attack Video Manipulated?

An ACORN statement claims the video is not accurate.

The video of an ACORN employee seemingly advising a prostitute and pimp on how to run a prostitution ring may have been manipulated by the videographer, according to a just-released statement by ACORN.

Tresa Kaelke, the ACORN organizer shown in the video, claims that she knew the man and woman posing as a prostitute and pimp were actors and decided to respond "Like Stephan Colbert does – saying the most outrageous things with a straight face." Many of the exchanges were edited out of the film that appeared on and the Glenn Beck show, according to ACORN.

Here's the ACORN press release:

(San Bernardino, CA) -- Today the videographer James O’Keefe’s hidden camera “interview” with San Bernardino ACORN organizer Tresa Kaelke, airing repeatedly on Fox “News”, including the Glenn Beck show, and on, has been caught out in an obvious set of lies and manipulations.

Ms. Kaelke, who was approached by the actors at the entrance to the small, one-person ACORN office, immediately felt uneasy and at a loss. With their provocative costuming and outlandish scenario, she could not take them seriously. So she met their outrageousness with her own personal style of outrageousness. She matched their false scenario with her own false scenarios.

“They were not believable”, said Ms. Kaelke of the two actors. “Somewhat entertaining, but they weren't even good actors. I didn’t know what to make of them. They were clearly playing with me. I decided to shock them as much as they were shocking me. Like Stephan Colbert does – saying the most outrageous things with a straight face.” While her sense of humor might not be funny to many people, the fact is that she spun false scenario after false scenario and the videographer ate them up.


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