Stop Glenn Beck's Assault on Green Jobs and Clean Energy

Van Jones was just the beginning.

Glenn Beck's ludicrous assaults on Van Jones that resulted in Jones stepping down from his White House appointment are not the only ways in which Beck has been trying to undermine the movement for green jobs and clean energy. He's also attacking the Apollo Alliance and several other progressive groups.

It actually makes me sick to my stomach to watch his show, but I managed about six minutes of it today and I was blown away by how he can actually utter certain phrases (really, most of his show) with a straight face.

Apparently, he is baffled by the Apollo Alliance's mission -- what on earth do the environmental/green movement, labor and social justice groups all have in common? How could those three things make any sense whatsoever, he muses, and then comes up with the logical conclusion -- "it is complex by design -- it's the vast left wing conspiracy."

Wow. Really? It's not that green jobs will stimulate the economy, help stave off climate change, and provide a decent living, wage for Americans? No, apparently in Beck's twisted little world, it is just a left-wing conspiracy to pull money from powerful foundations, and really, take over the world. Duh. I thought they knew that all along.

You can watch Beck's madness here.

And you can help support the ongoing work of the Apollo Alliance here.





Tara Lohan is a managing editor at AlterNet.