Ben and Jerry's Announces Gay-Friendly Ice Cream

The company has re-named its popular "Chubby Hubby" ice cream "Hubby Hubby" to celebrate marriage equality in Vermont.

Ben and Jerry’s announced today that it has re-named its “Chubby Hubby” ice cream flavor “Hubby Hubby” to celebrate Vermont’s sanctioning of same-sex marriages. The company has partnered with Freedom to Marry, a national GLBT advocacy group, and will serve “Hubby Hubby” in Vermont throughout September.

“At the core of Ben & Jerry’s values, we believe that social justice can and should be something that every human being is entitled to,” said Walt Freese, Chief Executive Officer of Ben & Jerry’s, in a press release. “From the very beginning of our 30 year history, we have supported equal rights for all people. The legalization of marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Vermont is certainly a step in the right direction and something worth celebrating with peace, love and plenty of ice cream.”

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