Mandate + No Public Option = Political Malpractice

Anybody who thinks that kind of "reform" will be popular with anyone outside the insurance industry needs to get their head examined.

Before DC politicians -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- impose an individual health insurance mandate without a public option, here's a Harry and Louise scenario that they had better start wrapping their minds around:

VISUAL: Harry and Louise at a kitchen table, reviewing their monthly health insurance bill.

LOUISE (shaking head): I can't believe it! They've raised prices again!

HARRY: And they still won't pay for your procedure.

LOUISE: It makes me so angry. What are we going to do?

HARRY (throwing hands in air): What choice do we have? If Congress had just passed the public plan, then we'd have another option...

LOUISE: ...and the health insurance industry wouldn't be holding us hostage.

HARRY (leaning back in chair): Instead, we're stuck with this expensive insurance plan...

LOUISE: ...and we're paying higher taxes than ever to subsidize their profits.

HARRY (leans back towards table): Congress should have gotten it right when they had a chance.

LOUISE: But they didn't, and now we have no choice.

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