Glenn Beck's 912 Followers in Desperate Scramble to Stop Hemorrhage of Sponsors from His Show

Beck's 912 website has started a petition to counter the Color of Change protest.

Glenn Beck's Fox Show continues to hemorrhage corporate sponsors. Yesterday eight more companies, including retail giant Wall Mart, dropped sponsorship of Beck's program. That makes over 20 companies that have pulled their advertising from Beck's show in the past 2 weeks, after a Color of Change petition urged advertisers to cease sponsorship of Beck's program when the talk show host said Obama had a "deepseated hatred for white people".

Rather than apologize or stop spewing divisive hate speech, Beck seems to be responding by tapping his vast, creepy army of "912" followers to wage a counterprotest.

In an email obtained by AlterNet today, an administrator of the website calls on "fellow patriots" to:

Let Fox News and those that Advertise on TV know that you support the Glenn Beck program. [This Petition is being sponsored by The 912 National Coalition...] This petition/letter will be sent directly to Fox News and shared with the advertisers on his program, past and present. Please take a moment now to sign the petition and post a link to this petition on every 912 or Tea Party website in the country.

We need a strong national voice... together we can Reclaim America! Live Free... KC Freeman

A link takes the passionate Beck supporter to a 912 petition site. The top left-hand corner features a drawing of some guys in Revolutionary garb, so you know whatever follows is good for freedom and America, and bad for socialism and whatnot. Here's what follows:

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