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Will GOP Powerhouse Grassley's Obstructionism Put Him on the Hot Seat?

The senator is becoming the face of Republican opposition.

Until recently, I didn't think that Chuck Grassley would have any difficulty getting reelected. The Democrats don't have really high-profile contenders, and Grassley has a lot of seniority and remains fairly popular in Iowa. But I'm starting to wonder whether Grassley might be putting himself in jeopardy. As the Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, he provides the public face to Republican obstruction of Obama's health care reform. If health care doesn't get done, or if it has to be done through the budget reconciliation process because the Finance Committee can't report out an acceptable bill, then Grassley is going to get a lot of blame for that. And he's now joined the ranks of the Deathers. The Deathers are people who are spreading the rumor that the end-of-life counseling (i.e., advice on filling out a Living Will) in the health care proposals is the equivalent of the Federal Government performing euthanasia on you against your wishes. Sarah Palin repeated that inanity yesterday. Only a shrieking idiot would make such a claim, but apparently Grassley is now a shrieking idiot.

Booman is the proprietor of the Booman Tribune.