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Orgasmic Organics: 20 Healthy Ways to Rev Up Your Sex Life

Put down the Viagra. Here are 20 delicious, healthy aphrodisiacs.

If you’ve got sex on the brain but your body’s feeling unsexy, put away the blue pill! You don’t need Viagra, you need food. (Just not potato chips.) Sexual health and energy is synonymous with a healthy, energized you. An active lifestyle, balanced diet and self-confidence are the best ways to get the sexual charge you need – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few foods out there that can give you that extra…boost you’re looking for.


This Andean root is the first food that comes to mind when I think of sexual health and stamina. Just me? It’s been commonly used in Peru since the times of the Inca to increase strength, energy and libido. Modern foodies consider it a superfood, and with good reason. Maca is excellent for balancing hormones and makes a tasty addition to deserts and smoothies.


Always a woman’s favorite. Real dark chocolate (we’re not talking See’s Candies here!) with a high cacao content contains natural stimulants and wellbeing chemicals, plus plenty of magnesium which is good for the heart and women’s libido. A healthy heart means better circulation, and that means better sex drive. Melt it, pour it, lick it…


You can’t travel in Latin American without hearing a hot and spicy joke about the size of a man’s chile. And if you’re a fan of picante foods, you know how they can make you a bit sweaty and excitable. Blame it on the capsaicin, the substance in hot peppers which releases endorphins, stimulates nerve endings and increases heart rate.


This deliciously exotic little spice has a reputation in its home country of India for being an aphrodisiac. I just think it’s got a wonderful, sensual taste. But there may be some science behind it too: cardamom is high in cineole, which stimulates the nervous system.


The spicy taste of hot, fresh ginger tea will heat your body up, make your heart race and increase the heat. What more do you need to get it going?

Pumpkin Seeds

High in zinc, which is needed for testosterone production, pumpkin seeds are essential for the libido in both men and women. Toast some up, pop in a movie, oh, forget the movie…


Cold, slimy: I always wondered why oysters have such a reputation as an aphrodisiac food. Some say it’s the shape, but I say it’s the zinc, baby.


Whether you prefer the seed, the milk, or the oil, hemp is high in the Essential Fatty Acids needed to help balance hormones for a better libido. Whip up a hemp milk latte and cozy up to your sweetie for some kisses to get things going.


Best when eaten raw, almonds are high in libido-boosting vitamin E. A very sensible sex-boosting insurance policy. Eat daily.


This one surprised me, because we all know how unattractive it is to be around someone who reeks of garlic. But take note, allicin improves blood flow to the sexual organs, so just make sure you and your partner have garlic in your meal together and you won’t mind the way the other smells. You have to admit, for garlic, that’s a sexy picture.


This suggestively shaped fruit regulates blood pressure, and you’d do well to eat one a day, because there’s nothing quite like excessively high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) to cause erectile dysfunction.

 Pomegranate Juice

A very sensual juice and luscious juice (surely Nigella Lawson would approve), many think that pomegranate’s high antioxidant content keeps free radicals from interfering with circulation. Which would have a positive effect on erectile dysfunction.

 Goji Berries

These superfood berries are considered a potent sexual tonic in Asia. They improve mood and well being and increase testosterone production. They’re tart, complex and intriguing – fittingly.


Granted, celery is not the sexiest food, but it does contains andresterone, which is the hormone that gives men a subtle smell that drives women wild. I’m talking that t-shirt smell, ladies. (Men: we like this.)


This high energy root normalizes hormones levels in both men and women and it’s been used for centuries by the Chinese to increase stamina and desire.

 Ginkgo Biloba

Sort of a wonder herb touted for many purposes, ginkgo can be used to increase sexual energy and regulate blood circulation.


High in vitamin C, guava is great for the antioxidants. Kiwi and berries are high in vitamin C too, which keeps the sexual glands running smoothly. There’s nothing like sharing a cool fruit salad on a hot summer’s day”¦

 Wild Salmon

Another great source of Essential Fatty Acids. Try it cold with creme fraiche, crackers, wine and a little hand-feeding.


Such an amazing food anyway, avocados are high in EFA’s and B-vitamins for hormone balance, and folic acid which is good for the heart and gives you energy.

 Leafy Greens

Eat your salads, ladies, dark leafy greens help your liver metabolize estrogen, and create a good balance of this hormone essential for healthy female sexuality. Sure, they don’t look sexy, but they’ll make you feel amazing.

Of course, there’s no one food that’s going to magically improve your sex life. The key is to avoid cigarettes and excessive alcohol and maintain a state of general health and wellbeing. You can’t expect to sit on your tuckus all day snacking on potato chips and be an excellent lover!

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