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What's In It For Jim?

Millions of Americans are in real need of health care reform. Here are just a few of their stories.

The insurance industry-planted extremists who have been trying to disrupt health care reform should talk to Jim from St. James, Missouri.  Jim's not a paid activist.  He's not a spin doctor.  He's just a hard-working guy from middle America.  And Jim is exactly the kind of person that health insurance reform will help. 

Jim works full-time as a truck driver for St. James Ready-Mix in St. James, Missouri.  He takes home about $400 a week after taxes, which is enough to get by on in rural, eastern Missouri, but not enough to pay for health care for his family.  And in Jim's family, like families across the United States, the lack of affordable, quality health insurance is devastating.

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Sally Kohn is the Director of the Movement Vision Lab at the Center for Community Change.