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Wing-Nuts Insist on Arguing Over Ridiculous Issues that Don't Exist ... Maybe We Should Give 'Em Something Genuinely Crazy

It'd keep them occupied and distracted from smart proposals.

Oh good God. If even putative liberals are seeing the Soylent Green Police behind the extremely benign and useful Medicare counseling for living wills in the House health care bills then we have gone so far down the rabbit hole that it's become the equivalent of the contraception hissy fit in the stimulus package. Remember this?  

Christian Defense Coalition calls Speaker Pelosi's decision to add contraceptives to the economic stimulus package bigoted, racist, elitist and anti-child.


It is unthinkable that the Speaker of House would try to stimulate the economy by seeking to reduce the number of children.

Our political leaders should do all within their power to protect, support and encourage America's children, not crush and destroy them.

This policy would lay the foundation for racism and eugenics because it would seek to reduce the number of children to the nation's poorest economic groups, which tend to be persons of color and other minorities.

It is now becoming clear that the Democratic leadership intends to use the economic crisis to push forward a radical anti-family social agenda.


The hissy fit is as predictable as John Boehner's orangish glow.

The solution to this is obvious. The Democrats should always put something really outrageous into every bill to give the wingnuts something to rend their garments over. In the stimulus they should have set aside a couple million for illegal alien subsidized beachfront housing. In health care they should have put in a tax on guns to cover plastic surgery. When the nutters predictably go bonkers, they can reluctantly "give in," thus leaving perfectly mainstram, useful items like contraception and counseling for living wills alone.

I don't know what else to do about this but give them a hissy fit. They're going to have one no matter what. Might as well plan for it.

Digby is the proprietor of Hullabaloo.
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