David Brooks Says Limbaugh's Hitler References Are Insane -- Where's He Been?

Good for David Brooks. But this is not exactly hardly the first "insane" thing Limbaugh has said.

David Brooks says that Limbaugh's Hitler characterizations are insane:

Good for Brooks. But it does strike me as odd that Brooks hasn't heard about Limbaugh's ravings this week.

Oh wait, that's right. The newspaper for which he writes forgot to mention that in their fairnbalanced reporton what's going on at the Town Halls. And good bipartisan villagers don't dirty their beautiful minds with any of the riff raff media because it's all partisan and biased and shrill.

This is the same Rush Limbaugh who's been out there spewing noxious bile and outright lies for decades and who is so powerful the entire Republican Party is forced to kiss his ring or risk him turning of the mob on themselves. While Brooks and the rest of the villagers were all tittering over the odd naughty Rush quote, he's been out there creating a subculture of know-nothing zombies.

Welcome to 21st century politics Bobo. Hope you enjoy what you've wrought.

Digby is the proprietor of Hullabaloo.
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