Why Did Bill O'Reilly Write Obama a Love Letter?

The be-jowled bloviator penned an homage to Obama in Sunday's Parade Magazine. WTF?

Despite a clogged schedule of cheering on right-wing terrorism, aggressively advocating U.S. military interventions and being just an all-around dillweed, Bill O'Reilly found time this weekend to write a glowing letter of praise about President Obama. Go figure.

"Barack Obama, a youngster in Hawaii without his  parents around, has toughed it out and become one of history’s great stories, no matter what happens going forward," O'Reilly wrote in Sunday's Parade Magazine. He continues:

What he has  achieved in his 48 years is simply astounding. Consider the odds. The United States is a nation of more than  300 million citizens. Only one  person is currently the Commander in Chief. That man had no fatherly guidance, is of mixed  race, and had no family connections to guide him into the world of national politics.  That adds up to one simple truth that every American child should be told: “If Barack Obama can become the President of the United States, then whatever dream you may have can happen in your life."

There's no mention of Obama's policy initiatives in the piece, so O'Reilly maintains some sort of legitimacy with his largely anti-Obama constituency (I guess). But the motives behind it are nonetheless puzzling, especially in the lead-up to a crucial decision on health care -- an issue O'Reilly has been eager to pin on Obama's supposedly "socialist" tendencies. Is O'Reilly attempting to jettison himself off a sinking GOP boat, or is it a Trojan Horse?

Anyways, it certainly frees up the arena for Rachel Maddow to commend John McCain on his soccer skills.

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