Attention Starved Scientist Promotes Bareback Sex

Prof. Stuart Brody claims condoms are bad for you.

Drunk guy Science thinks it's better for you to raw dog. At least according to Prof. Stuart Brody, who claims a recent study proves people who use condoms miss out on the "mental health benefits of ... "evolutionarily relevant sex", writes the Telegraph.

By "evolutionary relevant sex", Brody means heterosexual sex. You see, the last time Brody hungered for mainstream media attention, he publicized research allegedly showing that only straight sex improved "psychological and physiological function."

For his most recent headline-grabby study, Brody surveyed 111 Portuguese men and 99 women on their sexual habits and frame of mind.

Those who used them were more likely to suffer from depression, suicidal tendencies and be emotionally immature. The results were the same regardless of whether a person was in a stable relationship or not.

In a letter to the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour, Prof Brody wrote: "The more often they have sex without condoms, the better their mental health."

He added: "Possible explanations for the interference of condoms with the health benefits of penile-vaginal intercourse include the blocking of antidepressant and immunological agents in semen and genital secretions [and] reduced sexual satisfaction and intimacy."

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