Birther Insanity Continues to Spiral Out of Control

Check out the latest.

Bill Maher nailed it when he said that Birthers couldn’t be convinced even if you

hand them in person the original birth certificate with the placenta, and have a video of Obama emerging from the womb with Don Ho singing in the background.

Want proof that they can’t be convinced? Head over to the alternate Freeperverse and watch their response to the discovery of the Australian birth certificate of David Bomford that was used to fabricate the Kenyan birth certificate that Orly Taitz has been running around waving like a reliquary filled with toenail clippings of the Virgin Mary.

Although some of the Freepers are having a troubling encounter with the fact that they’ve been duped by an elaborately transparent fake, the truly insane among them have concocted an awesome explanation: the real Kenyan birth certificate of Obama was used to Photoshop the fake Australian birth certificate of David Bomford and then inserted on the Bomford family genealogy site by Obama’s team of expert hackers.

Some favorite comments:

[104] Is This the Source of Obama’s the “Kenyan” Birth Certificate?
Nope, doesn’t appear so. The folds are in different places, so that kills it, IMO.

It being impossible, of course, for someone to print out the photoshop and refold it.

[144] [W]e are assuming that Taitz has a paper copy. Its [sic] one thing to build a photoshop document that looks almost identical to another. Its [sic] another thing entirely to produce that onto paper that looks to be almost 50 years old.


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