Amazon Issues Lame, Insufficient Apology for Deleting "1984" From Kindles

As long as it is technically feasible to alter or erase information, these devices are dangerous to a free society.

Amazon's apologized for its Orwellian behavior in deleting 1984 from users' Kindles without telling anyone or asking permission.
Big deal. That's nowhere enough. In fact, neither is this:

A growing number of civil libertarians and customer advocates wants Amazon to fundamentally alter its method for selling Kindle books, lest it be forced to one day change or recall books, perhaps by a judge ruling in a defamation case -- or by a government deciding a particular work is politically damaging or embarrassing.
“As long as Amazon maintains control of the device it will have this ability to remove books and that means they will be tempted to use it or they will be forced to it,” said Holmes Wilson, campaigns manager of the Free Software Foundation.
The foundation, based in Boston, is soliciting signatures from librarians, publishers and major authors and public intellectuals. This week it plans to present a petition to Amazon asking it to give up control over the books people load on their Kindles