UPDATED: Right-Wing Pundits Lying Their Asses Off About Health Reform

Actually pretty shocking.

Interestingly, after all these years I'm still capable of being shocked by truly willful, egregious lies in our public discourse. Spin -- even really bad, dishonest spin -- is one thing, but what you'll see in the video to your right is something else altogether (video courtesy of Media Matters).

For the record, the House health bill would create publicly-run insurance exchanges through which private insurers could sell their policies. But eligibility in those exchanges -- or "gateways" -- would be limited. The CBO projects that by 2019, 30 million Americans -- about one in ten -- would  participate in the exchanges.

Within those gateways, people would have the option of buying into a publicly-administered insurance plan. About 10 million would be enrolled by 2019, according to the CBO.

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Private insurance would remain unchanged for the overwhelming majority of Americans. You may agree or disagree with the merits of the proposal, but that's what it contains.

Adding: Obviously, this is also a pretty blatant example of so-called news outlets parroting GOP talking points dished out by Frank Luntz.

Joshua Holland is an editor and senior writer at AlterNet.