More Racist Ugliness From the Lunatic Fringe

There is a significant chunk of Idiot America that continues to believe that the country is going to hell in a handbasket because of minorities.

The news sites always have crazy commenters, but with this health care debate some real ugliness is coming out. Check this out from an ABC article about Dr Regina Benjamin's alleged disqualification for Surgeon General because she looks overwieght:

This is just the beginning of this double standard. If Obama's health care "reform" is signed into law, government health care rationing will PRIORITIZIE care to black and Hispanic patients and DENY care to Caucasian patients or make them go through LONG waiting periods.

This will happen even if those black and Hispanic patients are overweight and don't practice preventive health (as Caucasian patients are more likely to do).The rationale for this governmental practice? REPARATIONS for the alleged racism of U.S. society. The rationale will be that black and Hispanic citizens deserve preferred medical treatment now and in the future to make up for past incidents of racism in the U.S., and that Caucasian citizens deserve lower-class medical treatment for the same reason.

Who is the perfect person to validate this public policy in a couple of years? Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who believes that any Hispanic woman's judgment is ALWAYS better and more correct than any Caucasian man's judgment. CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND SENATORS. Let them know that Chairman Obama's latest bid for absolute power should be denied, and that they need to vote against government-run health care.

Digby is the proprietor of Hullabaloo.
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