Anyone Care What Sarah Palin Thinks About Cap-and-Trade?

I don't.

I guess I could comment on the thoroughly corrupted Washington Post giving Sarah Palin some prime real estate with which she can play policy wonk. Or I could note how ridiculous it is for someone who failed to serve a full term as governor of a state that in large part lives on the tax-payers' dime and revenues from Big Oil writing about the economic harms of cap-and-trade, or the creeping socialism it represents.

But I don't really give a damn what Palin has to say at this point and, more importantly, I fail to see the point.

The 20 percent dense enough to believe that the Alaska Quitbull is anything more than a right-wing blowhard who got in way over her head on the national stage is also sufficiently dumb to believe that man-made climate change is a liberal hoax perpetrated for no reason but to bring our heroic capitalists to their knees and drive up gas prices for Joe the Plumber. 

This is our segregated discourse at work -- if you're a hardline conservative, your whole worldview is like a parallel universe. For the rest of us ... well, the column is predictable to the point of tediousness.

Joshua Holland is an editor and senior writer at AlterNet.
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