This Is What Happens When You Get Cancer in America

Pirates of the Health Care-ibean sing, "Go Ahead an Die!"

Because it's just as appropriate as the first time Dave Johnson tipped me off to it ...

This is what happens when you get cancer in America:

... If you worked for a company that offered insurance, if you carried your family's insurance, next year your insurer would slap a million dollar surcharge on the company policy for carrying a leukemia patient. The company would get the bill and someone in accounting would question "what is this extra million dollars we are being billed?"

The insurance company would explain to them that the million is for you, and it is yearly, but is, ahem, "fixable." They will say "as long as she is on your insurance (wink, wink) this charge will be there. So what you have to ask yourself (more wink, wink) is whether this employee is worth a million dollar a year salary on top of what you are already paying her."

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... "So in a year or so of this, you will not just be uninsurable, you will also be unemployable." ...