Silencing Single Payer

ABC's prime time forum "Prescription for America" omitted single-payer-related questions, despite its pledge to represent all sides of the issue.

Single-payer health insurance is seen by many healthcare workers and citizens as the best tool for expanding coverage while reducing costs. But it is rarely discussed in the media. ABC's prime time forum "Prescription for America," which ABC host Diane Sawyer pledged would feature questions to President Obama from "every vantage point," featured no questions from single-payer advocates.

The media watch-group FAIR is launching a petition to the TV networks, demanding that single-payer be included in the debate over healthcare reform.

Add your name to FAIR's petition to the TV networks at: //

And then help us spread the word: please forward the link to the petition to your contacts; email this page to your friends and "share" the petition through social networking websites such as Facebook and Digg.