The NRA and Mitch McConnell Go After Sotomayor

How tiresome and unsurprising.

How tiresome and at the same time, unsurprising:

The National Rifle Association says it has very serious concerns about Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor based on her rulings on weapons rights.  [...]

The letter urges senators to question Sotomayor on the Second Amendment during upcoming hearings. [NRA Executive Director Chris W.] Cox says the NRA will oppose confirmation if her answers are hostile or evasive.

The NRA's trumped-up concern is over a case about nunchakus. But as Adam B explained:

What the 7th Circuit held yesterday, expressly adopting the holding of Judge Sotomayor's panel's opinion, is that given the existence of Supreme Court precedent on point, only the Supreme Court itself can overrule these prior decisions, no matter how poorly-reasoned an appellate panel might find them or how likely it is that the judges believe that the Supreme Court itself might overturn the earlier decision.

But hey, you can't have too much Obama-is-coming-for-your-guns rhetoric from conservatives who are flailing about for any line of attack against Sotomayor that will stick

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