Be in a TV Ad... and Call Senate Democrats Out on Health Care Reform

Demand the public option!

PCCC co-founder Stephanie Taylor, over at Daily Kos

Last Friday, over coffee, Adam Green and I started talking about health care reform. And once we started talking, we couldn't stop. We couldn't believe that so many Democratic senators have the audacity to oppose the public health insurance option.

Polls show that 76% of Americans support the public option. But many of the same health and insurance interests that oppose the public option have given $80 million to sitting Democratic senators. $80. Million. Dollars.

It's easy to feel powerless on big issues like this. But we decided to do something about it. We made a TV ad calling them out. And now we're inviting you (and your friends) to put your name in the ad before we air it in Washington DC!

Click to see the ad -- and add your name.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee will air this ad on CNN, MSNBC, The Daily Show, and other places that these senators and their staffers will be sure to notice. We'll continually rotate new names in. Please help this idea grow by recommending this post and emailing it on to anyone you think would like to add their name.

Together, we'll make the Senate listen to the vast majority of Americans who say: "We want the public option!"

Join the

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Adam Green is cofounder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), dedicated to helping progressive candidates run progressive campaigns and win.

He is also interim CEO of Change Congress, a reform group formed by Prof. Lawrence Lessig and Joe Trippi to reform congressional elections and special-interest influence on Congress.

Adam formerly served as Director of Strategic Campaigns and Civic Communications Director for

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