Big Ag's Big Lie About Organic Food

You've been told a lot of lies, but right now I'm going to focus on just one.

You've actually been told a lot of lies, but right now I'm going to focus on just one. It comes in many different forms:

  1. Organics yield less/much less/half as much as conventional ag.
  1. Organics can never feed the world.
  1. We need pesticides/fertilizer/biotech to feed the world.
  1. American farmers need to feed the world.
  1. If we tried to feed the world with organic, because it yields less than conventional ag, that means we'd have to use more land to grow the same amount of food (and cut down the forests).
  1. Third world countries need pesticides/fertilizer/biotech (bought from American/multinational corporations) or else they won't be able to feed themselves.

No doubt it would be DISASTROUS if we all switched to organic and then we didn't have enough food to feed everybody! But that's only if you buy into the idea that organic cannot compete with yields from conventional farming AND the idea that hunger is caused by producing too little food (it's not). Well... here's what the largest study ever conducted to study this question found...

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